The Mobile Closet

Transform the Pull Up Suitcase into your mobile closet in just a few steps. Just pull the lid up and you have immediate access to all your packing cubes and contents. It does not matter where you are or how big or small your hotel room is. The contents of your suitcase are always ready to hand. And all this without any time-consuming search.

The Pull Up Suitcase is easy to handle. It helps you to organize your travel chaos. You probably know this when you are looking for something in your suitcase or travel bag. Where do you find it? At the bottom. Everyone can imagine what the rest of the suitcase look like, if they are not already lying all over the floor. .

Now the same situation with your Pull Up Suitcase: you look into the practical packing cubes, use the mobile drawers and you'll find what you're looking for. The rest of the contents of the suitcase stay in place just as neatly as before the search

Anyone who travels a lot knows: Travel is beautiful, but it also brings challenges. With the right equipment, however, you can master these challenges in a relaxed manner. Wherever you are, you can always get to everything in your suitcase quickly and easily. Even if you have very little space.

At the hotel

No matter the size of your hotel room; With only a few simple steps your suitcase is pulled up and ready to use. Everything remains tidy, organized and in its designated place.

On the way to the meeting

Is your taxi already there? Don’t worry, your Pull Up Case will be good to go in a matter of seconds. And thanks to the flexible wheels and the extra wide handle, it will remain right by your side at each step and any pace.

At the train station

At a train station, it is important to be able to quickly access your jacket or your newspaper. Fortunately, the Pull Up Case grants you convenient access to your belongings at any time.

It's raining

The quick access especially pays off in the case of sudden changes in weather. Come rain or shine, you can access your umbrella and raincoat just in time and quickly store them away whenever needed.

At the airport

How it warms the heart when you’re welcomed back at the airport by the beaming faces of your loved ones! What would be better than to amplify that joy? Just reach into the outside pocket at the front of the suitcase and you already have the souvenir toy at hand that you brought along!

At home

The family is only then complete when everybody has arrived at home. Travel companions can grow dear to one’s heart, as you will see for yourself. Especially, when they are as flawless as the Pull Up Case.